Our volunteers are an integral part of our team and the services we provide for our clients. Becoming a volunteer contributes to your own positive health, the community you live in, the Hospice Society and the people we are helping to serve.



“I became very close friends with my Pal and continued visiting him for two years before his death. We had really amazing conversations and he shared with me how Revelstoke used to be. I think he was happiest sharing those stories. He had many jobs in town over the years. He loved to reminisce over a coffee. I feel like I know alot more about Revelstoke now.”

-Pals Volunteer, 2017-2021

“Sitting with someone who is in their final days is an honour. I think being present with someone at the end of their life is a very important act. Our lives are busy and these moments remind us to slow down and appreciate living life to the fullest. Each time I am invited to sit vigil with someone I am reminded of how valuable life is and I appreciate the mountains and trees and the place I live so much more.”

– Palliative Care Volunteer, 2021

“I have written down a lot of the stories that my Pal told me over time, and have shared these with the family. I would often remind my Pal of different things she had told me and she would say, “You have such a good memory- no one else knows or remembers these stories. Thank you”. I brought in a copy of three clippings from the Revelstoke Review from 1951 detailing my Pal’s wedding shower, wedding and the return from her honeymoon. The daughter had never seen this, so was delighted to have these precious details. Thanks to Cathy English of the Revelstoke Museum for finding this information for me a few years back.”

-Pal/Palliative Care Volunteer, 2017- 2021