The hospice philosophy encourages a focus on life and living. The goal of hospice care is to help the client live the fullest life possible, while also helping all who are involved to come to terms with illness.

What we do

We offer information, companionship and emotional support. We also provide caregivers a “breather” to have some time for themselves. The Hospice Society celebrates its 28th anniversary this year. Hospice care was provided by volunteers for many years prior, but 1994 was the year the RHS became a registered, charitable hospice society.

We provide our services to those who are living at home (their own or living with family or friends), or living in a supportive residence such as Moberly Manor, or Mount Cartier Court. There is a designated residential palliative care bed at Mount Cartier Court and this provides an option for the client/family for care near life journey’s end if the care cannot be managed at home.

The sunflower is the international symbol of Hospice. It produces and sows many seeds, symbolizing the many volunteers who bring hope to the terminally ill and their families. Sunflowers turn to the light, seeking the sun. They show strength and character in times of adversity. Hospice Palliative Care is NOT just for final days or months or life. It is a holistic approach for the time when a cure is no longer possible and includes treatment such as pain and symptom management, caregiver support, spiritual care, bereavement and much more. Hospice palliative care focuses on LIVING well until the end, NOT just on dying.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: The Revelstoke Hospice Society provides an integral service to individuals and families approaching death and bereavement by supporting them with compassionate and trained volunteers.

Vision: People in our community will receive emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual comfort as they face the final stages of life.

Hospice is not just a place, but a concept.

We focus on caring, not curing; on life, not death.